“a powerful, room-filling baritone who has the physical and vocal charisma to tame any wild woman”

Nordbayerische Kurier



“the Canadian baritone gave huge stature to Marcello through his vocal and acting expression”

Fränkischer Tag



“The timbre of baritone David Pike, nuanced and with a warm brilliance, gave an unexpected depth to the text. This singer, full of vigour, let the crescendos ring out and gave dramatic and religious intensity to the arioso"

Luxemburger Wort

"he gives the Songs of Travel a distinctively dramatic edge that really brings out this great cycle's stature, and that of Stevenson's verse - especially as his diction is exceptional ...a very fine disc.  It's already had the good word from Sir Thomas Allen, and no wonder. Five Stars"

BBC Music Magazine


“David Pike enraptured the audience with his profound baritone voice and almost cabaret extras...  Mozart would have loved it”

Trierischer Volksfreund

"David Pike gave every dimension to the personality of Don Giovanni; his magnificent dramatic voice rendered the libretto with truth and brought to life the tragedy and secret fever within the character."

Luxemburger Wort


"...but above all, the voice of David Pike will stay with us, its powerful brilliance and dramatic character fit to embody the solemn exhortations of a prophet"

Luxemburger Wort


"first-rate solo work from baritone David Pike"

Oxford Tmes



"baritone David John Pike impressed with his powerful, free and magnificently timbred voice...  an eloquent baritone"

Luxemburger Wort



"Musical jewels from the other side of the Channel... an exemplary recording of this repertoire, to listen to with pleasure again and again."

Luxemburger Wort



"Pike showed an ability to muster power while retaining tonal beauty... Mr. Thiessen [natural trumpet] consistently achieves a level of high artistry, and Mr. Pike proved a worthy companion here."

New York Times


"With his sonorous and flexible baritone voice, David John Pike sings a programme of English songs with highly impressive style... he achieves a degree of emotional penetration not necessarily obvious with this repertoire. Pike finds the right voice, the right tone, for every song." Five stars




"...it is a musically oustanding plea and for David John Pike, an exquisite CD début."



10 March, Bach, In allen meinen Taten, Jesu Kirche, Trier, Germany
22 March, Mozart, Great Mass, CCL, Trifolion, Echternach, Luxembourg
23 March, Mozart, Great Mass, CCL, Cathédrale de Metz, Metz, France
25 March, Mozart, Great Mass, CCL, Philharmonie de Luxembourg

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CD release, Whither must I wander?
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BBC Music Magazine - 5 Star Review
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